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My municipality wants to be Freezponsible

A simple, effective solution can help your municipality meet its climate change objectives 

In 2013, end-of-life domestic refrigeration appliances had the potential to emit 503,000 metric tons of CO₂  equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG). This is as much as 136,000 cars travelling 17,500 km during one year.

With optimal recycling of refrigeration appliances, your municipality could significantly reduce its GHG emissions.

Your municipality can make a difference!

Require optimal processing of appliances collected in your territory:

  • In your public calls for tenders, be sure to specify that the insulating foam in refrigeration appliances must be recycled. 
  • Add optimal recycling of cooling appliances to your greenhouse gas reduction strategy.

Educate citizens about the environmental impacts of cooling appliances by:

  • Holding a press conference and designating your city, municipality or RCM as being committed to optimal management of out-of-service cooling appliances
  • Using your various communication methods to inform citizens and encourage them to entrust their appliances to a local ecocentre

Collect out-of-service refrigeration appliances:

Set up an efficient method for collecting cooling appliances from your citizens.

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